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To make CAN-BIKE courses available to all citizens in London and the surrounding area.


CAN-BIKE London offers nationally accredited CAN-BIKE courses to help cyclists gain more confidence and control on city streets.


CAN-BIKE provides a nationally standardized set of courses taught through a variety of organizations across Canada interested in education, safety and health. It is oriented toward recreational and utilitarian cycling. Courses for adults or children teach defensive riding skills, traffic analysis skills, and collision avoidance techniques along with the basics on safe equipment, and a bike inspection.

Increased cycling is beneficial to the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and for individuals by increasing physical activity and mental health promotion through exercise, recreation and injury prevention.

Our priority over the next year is to offer more variety in bicycle safety programs for both adults and children. We will continue to offer children’s programs across the city aligned with other safety programs. If needed, we will offer training on How To Ride a Bike separately.

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